Show Results

2022 Show results

Results from TRBPC Annual Show 2022 

Rare Breed section: 

Champion Rare Breed of Show- Blue Red Phoenix Bantam C - Rob Morgan

Reserve Champion Rare Breed- White Japanese - Damon Sheriff

Champion Rare breed S F Large-Gold partridge Brahma C- Matt Short

Reserve SF Rare breed large light Plymouth Rock Hen - E & L Dick

Champion Rare Breed SF Bantam- Blue Red Phoenix C - Rob Morgan

Reserve Champion Rare breed SF Bantam- White Japanese C - Damon Sheriff 

Champion Rare Breed Hard Feather Large- Duckwing Australian Game Hen - E & L Dick 

Reserve Champion Rare Breed HF Large- Black Red Australian Game P - Bailey Barwick 

Champion Rare Breed Hard Feather Bantam- Pile Australian Game ckl - Richard Poke 

Reserve Champion Rare breed HF Bantam- Pile Australian Game P - Richard Poke 

Champion Rare Breed Waterfowl - White call Duck - Zak Page 

Reserve Champion Rare Breed Waterfowl Saxony Duck- John Blizzard

Champion Junior Rare Breed -Silver Seabright Hen - Raechel Jaeger

Reserve Champion Junior Rare Breed - Black red Australian Game Large P - Bailey Barwick 

Rare Variety section: 

Champion Rare Variety of Show - Modern Bantam ckl - Richard Poke

Reserve Champion Rare Variety of Show - Black/White Muscovy Drake - Paine family 

Champion SF Large- Blue Orpington Hen - William Wadsley

Reserve Champion SF Large - Black Silkie Hen - R & D Carpenter

Champion SF Bantam - White Langshan pullet - Oatlands School

Reserve Champion SF Bantam - Silver/P Wyandotte Hen - Jill Weaver

Champion HF Large - Grey OEG k - Richard Poke

Reserve Champion HF Large - Duckwing L/L OEG pullet - Richard Poke

Champion HF Bantam - Duckwing Modern Game ckl - Richard Poke

Reserve Champion HF Bantam - Grey OEG C - Richard Poke

Champion Waterfowl - Black & White Muscovy Drake - Paine family

Reserve Champion Waterfowl - Black & White Muscovy Duck - Paine family

Champion School - White Langshan pullet - Oatlands School

Reserve Champion School - Apricot Call Duck - Sorell School

Feature Breed: Lakenvelder/Vorwerk - Vorwerk - Laura Radford 

Breed of Origin winners: 

Best American Breed: Plymouth Rock - E & L Dick Best Asian Breed: Phoenix - Rob Morgan

Best Australian Breed: Australian Game - E & L Dick Best British Breed: Modern Game - Richard Poke 

Best European Breed: Dutch - Jill Weaver 

Prizes for this section donated by Mark Robertson Lost Pippin Cider 


More Awards: 

Best Mediterranean Breed: Minorca - E & L Dick - Prize and trophy donated by Merv Hutt 

Best Imported Breed: Dutch Hen - Jill Weaver - Prize donated by AvGen Poultry

Best Crested Bird - Polish - E & L Dick- prize donated by E & L Dick

Best Cochin - R & D Carpenter- prize donated by Tasman Doornbusch 

Best plate of eggs - Oatlands School - prize donated by Jill Weaver

Reserve Plate of eggs - Johanna Gatehouse

Best True Bantam - Dutch - Jill Weaver - Prize donated by Jill Weaver

Most Promising New Breed or Variety- Blue Partridge Brahma- R & D Carpenter 

Best Rosecomb - Damon Sheriff- sash donated by Rosecomb Club 

Best of Breed medallion winners: (9 or more in the class) 

Best silkie - R & D Carpenter

Best Large Orpington - William Wadsley

Best Large Wyandotte - Rob Morgan

Best Large Appenzeller- Jill Weaver

Best Brahma - Mathew Short

Best Large Plymouth Rock Dark - Laura Radford 

Best Large Plymouth Rock overall - E & L Dick 

Best Vorwerk - Laura Radford

Best Polish Bantam - Paine family

Best Polish overall - E & L Dick

Best Andalusian Bantam - Laura Radford

Best Orpington Bantam - William Wadsley

Best Phoenix Bantam - Rob Morgan

Best Belgian - Toby Carpenter

Best Dutch - Jill Weaver

Best Japanese - Damon Sheriff

Best Seabright - Raechel Jaeger

Best Call Duck - Zak Page

Best Araucana - Jenny Cooper 

Other Best of Breeds: 

Best Large Spanish - Julie Devlyn

Best Large Dorking - E & L Dick

Best Large Lakenvelder - Raechel Jaeger

Best Polish frizzle Bantam - Jenny Cooper

Best Black Mottle Belgian - Lewis Burke

Best Mallard - John Blizzard

Best AOV Waterfowl - John Blizzard

Best Guinea Fowl - Nicole Baxter

Best Quail - Nicole Baxter

Most Loved Bird - Isla Henderson

Best Black silkie - R & D Carpenter

Best AOC Silkie - Partridge - Lewis Burke

Best AOC Large leghorn - Rob Morgan

Best AOC Large Sussex - Coronation - Jenny Cooper 

Best AOC Modern Game Bantam - Richard Poke 

Best AOC OEG Bantam - Richard Poke

Best AOC Muscovy - Paine Family