Club History

In 2005 a group of rare breeds' enthusiasts met and with the assistance of the Southern Tasmanian Bantam Club the Tasmanian Rare Breeds Poultry Group was formed. A year later the club set out on its own and the Tasmanian Rare Breeds Poultry Club Inc., was formed.

Today we are a group of enthusiasts who are committed to preserving and promoting rare breeds and varieties of poultry in Australia. We do this by hosting our annual show, attending as many other community events as feasible, and utilising our public exposure on social media and our website to inform people about these beautiful breeds. The club celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2016.

We are a constituent member club of the Tasmanian Poultry Fanciers Association Inc.


• To promote rare breeds of poultry to the general public and to encourage those that keep poultry to consider keeping pure bred rare breeds.

• To increase the number of rare breeds exhibited at poultry shows through the sponsorship of rare breed classes and provision of trophies and awards.

• To increase the number of junior fanciers exhibiting rare breeds at poultry shows through the sponsorship of junior trophies and awards for rare breeds.

• To increase interest in rare breeds and create discussion amongst existing poultry breeders by distributing a regular newsletter to interested poultry clubs, members and other organisations.

• To make rare breeds easier to obtain by maintaining a registry of birds wanted and for sale through a designated exchange steward.

• To assist in maintaining the genetic diversity of domestic poultry for future generations.

• To provide a pathway for new and existing rare breeds and varieties to be recognised in the Australian Poultry Standards.

Constitution & Code of Conduct

Our constitution is available for download here

Click here to view the code of conduct.